Impacting Lives through Sustainable Development

A Range of Possibilities


Land Reform

Vesselka Consulting land reform expertise

Secure tenure and transparent land rights are fundamental to economic sustainable development and conflict resolution. Our over 20 years on the ground expertise in Europe, Asia and Africa in organizational development and improving the functions of land administration and policy to secure these rights is grounded in practical applications and participatory development.

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Sustainable Development

Help to achieve UN SDGs

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are the foundation of our work.  We identify issues and work with local  stakeholders to develop long-range strategic plans to improve livelihoods while protecting the environment and preserving cultures. Our sustainable tourism expertise is field tested and unique.

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Capacity Building

Build local capacity

Helping governments and the private sector to improve services through organizational development, streamlined  business processes, increased transparency and reduce the opportunities for corruption has been an integral part in every project we have undertaken.

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