We provide services to the public and private sectors, from large programs with multiple components to small, discrete projects.


Our services are cost effective and, depending on your needs, can be submitted as a maximum guaranteed price as opposed to fixed daily rates, a unique industry format.



Feasibility Planning

We create the map. Before investing too much time and money into a project, analyzing the concept is the first, and sometimes the last, step.  We will look into economic, political, social, technological, scheduling and other factors. Our objective is to provide you with a complete range of possible negative and positive outcomes of the project and the risks and costs involved so that you can make an informed decision on whether to proceed or change your focus.


Project Planning

Once a decision has been made to proceed, we will take the approach selected and turn it into a project plan.  We know that project plans based solely on forecasting from past experience can lead to failure because variables that did not occur are normally never considered.  Our project plan will detail goals, objectives, methodology, and anticipated results in a measurable and fair way.  We will tailor a budget to achieve results.  Most importantly - we will involve you in the planning.

Project Experts

Our experts can work independently or as part of your team, or any combination of the two, based on your plans. We will not propose more specialists than necessary and back-up our field team through an integrated support network.

Project Implementation

We follow-through on implementing your project, monitoring progress and identifying variables to adjust the implementation as necessary but always with our eye on the target.   We believe in mitigating the effects of unknown or ignored variables.