Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program



…….travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.
Miriam Beard

The Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program, designed and financed by Vesselka Consulting Ltd., is our signature program. Our partners include Sustainable Rural Development International in the UK, World Wildlife Fund-Turkey, the Union for the Promotion of Green Tourism in Ukraine and the Küre Mountain Ecotourism Society in Turkey.  Danone-Ukraine sponsored the Program 2015 annual meeting in Kherson, Ukraine.

Over 1 billion travelers visited a destination somewhere in the world in 2014. The volume continues to grow. Emerging economies now account for over 47% of the travel market share and will exceed 50% during the next decade.

The Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program is taking advantage of the extraordinary growth in the eco-tourism sector to support rural sustainable development and attract private sector investment by targeting an entire region. By 2022 the economic impact of tourism to the GDP in the Black Sea region will exceed $450 billion and represent over 7% of the overall economy.

Uniquely, the Black Sea program aims to establish a unified regional system – the creation of a net-work of community sustainable tourism products under a permanent visual banner and a dedicated web site for travelers to book travel in member communities.  It therefore combines for-profit and development components to assure financial sustainability while establishing a micro-grant fund from traveler payments for community projects. It is premised on the concept that sustainable tourism represents a significant positive factor impacting local economic growth while preserving native cultures and environments and providing investment opportunities.

The project actively involves communities as dynamic collaborators rather than passive beneficiaries while creating new opportunities rather than simply expanding a sector. 


Vesselka Consulting Ltd., exclusively implements this Program on behalf of Sustainable Rural Development International, Ltd., a UK based non-profit.


For more information on the program, to make a contribution or to become a sponsor, please email us for details.  All contributions will be part of a pool of funds to provide small grants to participating communities.


For more information on the program or to become a sponsor please email us.