To support the plan by the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Human Settlements Development to improve customer services, our consultant led a World Bank team from Sweden, England, Jamaica, Bolivia and the US to perform the feasibility study and proposal to restructure Ministry roles and functions by establishing an independent executive agency, integration of departments and computerization of the records and tenure system.




Our experience in Ghana reaches back to 1997 when the World Bank fielded a three person team to analyze and identify issues regarding access to credit, land use planning and the title registration system and provide recommendations to resolve impediments. The final analysis identified gaps and failures in the sectors involved and provided recommendations for improvements.


One of our specialists led an MCC project to assess the need and make recommendations for additional private sector involvement in rural real property transactions as well as finalizing a unique initiative to join micro-finance with tenure registration to promote economic development in poor areas.



Our specialist led the team for an Australian firm under contract to the Millennium Challenge Corporation to establish a new quasi-governmental, executive agency for land administration. The project developed a comprehensive business and financial plan, governance structure and ITC system to streamline administration procedures and provide the public with a one-stop-shop. The agency began operations in late 2010.



In Uganda, we assisted in the assessment of technical requirements for implementation of a computerized system for land administration, including legal analysis of the current land tenure laws, providing recommendations that were subsequently adopted by the government.