Tajikistan Land Reform

Vesselka Consulting wrapped up its 16 month role in the Tajikistan Land Reform Project funded by USAID on January 24.

Its participation was to assist and support the government to draft and enact legislation to promote a market in land use rights and support agricultural development through legislation that promoted the Freedom to Farm drafting a new law regarding farm organization and farmers’ rights and revisions to the Land Code allowing for the purchase, sale and leasing of land use rights.

Working closely with the Ministries of Justice, Agriculture and the President’s Administration the effort resulted in foundational amendments to the Land Code permitting legal transfers of land use rights, such as sale, purchase, lease and mortgage, for the first time in Tajikistan.  We also assisted in the development of regulations to implement these new rights and provided advice to the Land Committee regarding registration, working closely with the World Bank initiative in this sector.

We are very pleased to have had the opportunity to contribute to this important initiative.

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