Tajikistan Property Registration Review

Our Director has been engaged by the World Bank to complete the “Review of Legal Framework andInstitutional Mandates for the Implementation of Pilot Property Registration Activities in Tajikistan”.  Thereview will cover the relevant portions of the Land Code, Law on Registration, Law on Dekhan Farms,Mortgage Law, relevant portions of the Civil Code and the proposed temporary decrees on the pilotregistration activity. Institutionally, the review will cover the roles and responsibilities of the State LandCommittee, Markaz Zemin, Bureau of Technical Inventory, the LRCSP Project PMU, and the governmentstructures (oblast and local administrations) in the proposed pilot registration office jurisdictions.

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Discussions to be Held with the Palestinian Farmers Union

Preliminary discussions to be held in September with the Palestinian Farmers Union to find ways to increase incomes, attract investment and involve private sector support.

  August 24, 2015