Land Tenure

Vesselka Consulting Ltd has entered into a contractual joint venture, The Practical Land Tenure System Group, with iKubInfo Software Systems Ltd., in Albania and Sharp Consulting in the UK to develop a practical, cost effective and streamlined regional title registration software system that uses GIS Open Source coupled with proprietary software. The new system will fill the need in developing countries forquick installation and use, ease of maintenance and rapid titling to secure tenure at a lower cost thanexisting options and will be more reliable than other proposed solely open source systems. The Joint Venture will promote its use in public/private partnerships to accelerate implementation rather thanrelying on the extended procurement processes of donor organization. It can also be used by the private sector as a value added component to multi-use property developments. The White Paper is posted on Our Projects page.

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Discussions to be Held with the Palestinian Farmers Union

Preliminary discussions to be held in September with the Palestinian Farmers Union to find ways to increase incomes, attract investment and involve private sector support.

  August 24, 2015