Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program Work Shop

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Vesselka Consulting, in partnership with the World Wildlife Fund/Turkey, the Union for the Promotion of Green Tourism in Ukraine and the Georgian National Tourism Administration, will hold a three day workshop in Azdavay, Kastamonu Province (Central Black Sea Region, N.Turkey - Küre Mountains) in conjunction with its Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program.


The aim of the workshop is to develop a road map and action plan for the regional, integrated eco-tourism program under a single banner.


Destination representatives from Ukraine and Turkey, regional government officials, tourism professionals and the media will take part. The work shop is hosted by the Küre Mountains Ecotourism Society.

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Discussions to be Held with the Palestinian Farmers Union

Preliminary discussions to be held in September with the Palestinian Farmers Union to find ways to increase incomes, attract investment and involve private sector support.

  August 24, 2015