The Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program annual members' meeting held June 11 – 14 in Hola Prystan, Kherson Oblast, Ukraine


The Mayor of Azdavay, Turkey, venue of last year’s meeting, joined the Mayor of Hola Prystan in welcoming members to the forum. Danone - Ukraine sponsored the event and also presented its Family Farm program which supports small dairy farms in Ukraine to build sustainable and more productive operations.  The event premiered the new Program web-portal that will form the core of the for-profit component of the integrated community led, sustainable tourism effort as well as presentation of the sustainability criteria to be used by communities, developed by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.  

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Discussions to be Held with the Palestinian Farmers Union

Preliminary discussions to be held in September with the Palestinian Farmers Union to find ways to increase incomes, attract investment and involve private sector support.

  August 24, 2015