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We welcome inquiries and will do our best to respond to your email request within 48 hours of receipt.  We may ask for additional details if we cannot answer your inquiry without them. 

In your inquiry, please be concise regarding your needs and especially your goals.  Also,  put something in the subject line so that we know what we are opening and to whom to direct the email.  Please do not request general development information or methodologies as this is our  business and as much as we enjoy discussing our philosophy and yours, there is a time and place for that.

Finally, if you are a government agency or representative, please inform us so that we can avoid conflicts of interests.


Please note that if your computer has a virus or other malware any email sent to us will be automatically rejected by our service and we will not be able to respond. We strongly urge everyone to keep their anti-virus protection up to date.


Tel: +(0)44 207 549 3662