Vesselka Consulting Ltd formed when a group of consultants decided to implement a different approach to development and private sector investment programs. International donors have had difficulty in modifying their selection processes and project planning except around the edges. As a result, development remains short term, rarely exceeding the 3-5 year window, and more often than not does not reach the people it is intended to help efficiently or effectively. We decided that a more targeted, organic and long-term approach was necessary and that the interests of the public and private sectors could be better leveraged to achieve visible impacts and sustainable growth.


We have partnered with other consulting firms implementing international donor funded projects, but our ability to work with the private sector to promote  public – private ventures and assist with private sector investment planning also permits us to design and implement our own programs with flexibility, such as The Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program, that adhere closely to our vision, particularly in any community based development where we believe that the stakeholders must be integrated into any the planning and implementation process.


Our senior Director began his own consulting career in 1994 where he served as the senior legal advisor and later as team leader to a $10 million IT and land reform project in Russia. By 2001 he had completed assignments in Russia, Georgia, Armenia and Ghana for the World Bank and USAID. After 2001, he lived and worked in Ukraine and toward the end of 2005 had begun to develop the  an idea for local economic development through community based sustainable tourism.


When Vesselka was established five years later, our team outlined a goal to offer the private and public sectors an effective, less costly and agile alternative to their development needs. This was reflected in on-going work to develop public-private partnerships, innovative land tenure solutions, market entry advice and business development.  We are determined to prioritize a clear understanding of what customers want, need and value most.


To create new community economic opportunities and not just expand a sector, in 2012 Vesselka launched The Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program with the aim of helping rural areas in the Black Sea region develop sustainable economic growth in an integrated, regional rather than country specific approach.  Recognizing that more than 1 billion people travelled in 2012, Vesselka is working with the private sector to develop and expand business opportunities for investors and community participants. This program now includes the Union of Rural Green Tourism of Ukraine. World Wildlife Fund-Turkey, Küre Mountains Ecotourism Society as partners and over twenty destinations in ten communities covering three countries. Following an international workshop in Azdavay, Turkey we have organized an annual Black Sea Community Members’ Meeting in Kherson, Ukraine and in July 2015 will launch the dedicated travel web-portal for experiential travelers which includes a social networking function for sustainable tourism travelers.

Our plans continue to expand in the private sector where we have developed a land tenure management software product as part of a Joint Venture together with Albanian and Scottish participation that significantly lowers the cost and speed the implementation for land tenure and management projects. In Central Asia we work with a large import and distribution company arranging for financing and shipping of meat products from the United States.

Recently, we have begun to explore the feasibility of establishing small High Tech Parks in Ukraine to accelerate investment in the high- tech industry. As part of our pivot toward the private sector, we are restructuring to increase our services to small and medium businesses in our areas of operation by helping to reorganize and streamline corporate business structures as we have done in the public sector, and to represent international clients to penetrate new markets, resolve legal issues and perform feasibility studies. Going forward, we will solidify our presence as the only regional, commercial sustainable tourism operation around the Black Sea Program, expanding by the second quarter 2016 to include Bulgaria, Romania and Moldova.