About us

Our people are our core. Each specialist brings significant depth of experience in over 30 countries. Working with both the private and public sectors, each has contributed to developing sustainable economic growth, provided solutions for institutional restructuring, promoted small business development and land reform and provided results oriented solutions and project management.


Core Team and Expertise

Our team includes senior experts in public and private international law, business structuring and streamlining, education, surveying, cadastre development, land reform and corporate governance as well as public-private partnership development, public sector restructuring and local sustainable economic development with a pro-poor perspective.


We can provide private or public sector clients with fresh approaches emphasizing results, not reports and papers that frequently replicate previous studies and recommendations. Simple stated - we are concise and keep our eye on the target and your goals.

We connect with leaders in IT to add significant value to our services and any consultant we field is multi-lingual and comfortable in a variety of social, political and economic environments, whether in private or donor funded projects.




Our business model emphasizes value for money and commits to a low overhead so that more time can be spent on work in the field. We partner with clients to optimize customer experience and reduce costs to produce tangible results.


The bottom line?


We want to help you produce measurable results and achieve your goals.

To learn more about our team, just ask us. We would be glad to send you professional biographies to fit your unique requirements.


Core Standards

We think you should be able to see success. That’s why we don’t just write reports or impose models from other environments.  We combine our recommendations with pilot implementation as proof of concept.  The results are tangible and quantifiable.


Your needs come first—because if you don’t succeed, neither do we. Because we offer small-firm speed, efficiency and flexibility, we can adapt to serve your unique requirements and deliver big results.


Our business is based on a spirit of trust and a shared commitment to realize your success.


Informed decisions rely on accurate, fact-based information. To ensure you receive consistently superior value, we employ proven methodologies, data, analytics and deep industry knowledge in avenues of our work to provide sustainable solutions.


Solid foundations are key to sustainable results.   Each project is unique and we look at consequences of recommended actions.  In our experience, most models used in one setting are not replicable in another.  We have worked on large and small programs in many political and social environments—and know how to create a custom blueprint that shows you where to go and how to get there on time and on budget.