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Welcome to the new Vesselka Consulting!

Since our beginning in 2010 we have been an independent international organization offering a broad range of professional services, designing and implementing initiatives that achieve results and make a difference.  We have focused on commercial and agricultural investments, land administration and management, sustainable tourism and capacity building for public and private sector organizations, to name a few. Beginning in 2015 we have decided to sharpen our focus to concentrate on the sectors we care about the most.

Sustainable Development: Our experience in designing and implementing our proprietary Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program with our partners in Ukraine and Turkey has convinced us that sustainability is only achievable across sectors when communities accept ownership of the product and when financial sustainability is included in the mix with economic, environmental and cultural sustainability.  Sustainable economic development has become a key focus for us and particularly through sustainable tourism in rural areas.  We supplement our expertise through our active membership in the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and The International Ecotourism Society.

Land Reform: We have in-depth experience developed over the years in the field in all forms of land reform, including tenure policy development, land administration and registration systems.  Our aim is to continue our work in the overall land reform sector both in urban and agricultural settings.  


Organizational Structuring: Finally, integral to all our focus areas, we will continue to provide advice to support administrative, organizational, legal and governance reform in both the private and public sectors, developing ways forward to increase transparency and reduce opportunities or corruption.


What will not change is our blend of specialists from a broad range of disciplines to encourage innovative thought beyond their specialties to produce positive outcomes and a better way. Different perspectives and cultures provide us with new ideas and approaches that form the basis of collaborative work.

Vesselka Consulting is committed to a clear value structure. We believe that the client’s interests come first. This means delivering better value than the client expects. It does not mean doing whatever the client asks. Our specialists are expected to exhibit professional conduct at all times and respect for local cultures and customs without compromising integrity. We encourage independence while focusing on the client’s goals to make them a reality. Independence means that we may disagree at times – because not being able to disagree destroys independent thought and prevents trying new ideas and solutions.

As always, if you have a project idea, a problem seeking a solution or simply a question, please contact us for a no-fee consultation.  We will give you our thoughts and be happy to help you achieve your goals.

Discussions to be Held with the Palestinian Farmers Union

Preliminary discussions to be held in September with the Palestinian Farmers Union to find ways to increase incomes, attract investment and involve private sector support.

  August 24, 2015

Our people are our core. Each specialist brings significant depth of experience in over 30 countries. Working with both the private and public sectors, each has contributed to developing sustainable economic growth, provided solutions for institutional restructuring, promoted small business development and land reform and provided results oriented solutions and project management.


Core Team and Expertise

Our team includes senior experts in public and private international law, business structuring and streamlining, education, surveying, cadastre development, land reform and corporate governance as well as public-private partnership development, public sector restructuring and local sustainable economic development with a pro-poor perspective.


We can provide private or public sector clients with fresh approaches emphasizing results, not reports and papers that frequently replicate previous studies and recommendations. Simple stated - we are concise and keep our eye on the target and your goals.

We connect with leaders in IT to add significant value to our services and any consultant we field is multi-lingual and comfortable in a variety of social, political and economic environments, whether in private or donor funded projects.




Our business model emphasizes value for money and commits to a low overhead so that more time can be spent on work in the field. We partner with clients to optimize customer experience and reduce costs to produce tangible results.


The bottom line?


We want to help you produce measurable results and achieve your goals.

To learn more about our team, just ask us. We would be glad to send you professional biographies to fit your unique requirements.


Core Standards

We think you should be able to see success. That’s why we don’t just write reports or impose models from other environments.  We combine our recommendations with pilot implementation as proof of concept.  The results are tangible and quantifiable.


Your needs come first—because if you don’t succeed, neither do we. Because we offer small-firm speed, efficiency and flexibility, we can adapt to serve your unique requirements and deliver big results.


Our business is based on a spirit of trust and a shared commitment to realize your success.


Informed decisions rely on accurate, fact-based information. To ensure you receive consistently superior value, we employ proven methodologies, data, analytics and deep industry knowledge in avenues of our work to provide sustainable solutions.


Solid foundations are key to sustainable results.   Each project is unique and we look at consequences of recommended actions.  In our experience, most models used in one setting are not replicable in another.  We have worked on large and small programs in many political and social environments—and know how to create a custom blueprint that shows you where to go and how to get there on time and on budget.


We provide services to the public and private sectors, from large programs with multiple components to small, discrete projects.


Our services are cost effective and, depending on your needs, can be submitted as a maximum guaranteed price as opposed to fixed daily rates, a unique industry format.


Feasibility Planning

We create the map. Before investing too much time and money into a project, analyzing the concept is the first, and sometimes the last, step.  We will look into economic, political, social, technological, scheduling and other factors. Our objective is to provide you with a complete range of possible negative and positive outcomes of the project and the risks and costs involved so that you can make an informed decision on whether to proceed or change your focus.


Project Planning

Once a decision has been made to proceed, we will take the approach selected and turn it into a project plan.  We know that project plans based solely on forecasting from past experience can lead to failure because variables that did not occur are normally never considered.  Our project plan will detail goals, objectives, methodology, and anticipated results in a measurable and fair way.  We will tailor a budget to achieve results.  Most importantly - we will involve you in the planning.


Project Experts

Our experts can work independently or as part of your team, or any combination of the two, based on your plans. We will not propose more specialists than necessary and back-up our field team through an integrated support network. 


Project Implementation

We follow-through on implementing your project, monitoring progress and identifying variables to adjust the implementation as necessary but always with our eye on the target.   We believe in mitigating the effects of unknown or ignored variables.



We think you should be able to see success. That’s why we don’t just write reports or impose models from other environments.  We combine our recommendations with pilot implementation as proof of concept.  The results are tangible and quantifiable.


At Vesselka, we have a formidable specialist capability with experts’ on-call, allowing us to meet the high technical demands of customers for project design, review or implementation for almost any task.


We welcome inquiries and will do our best to respond to your email request within 48 hours of receipt.  We may ask for additional details if we cannot answer your inquiry without them. 

In your inquiry, please be concise regarding your needs and especially your goals.  Also,  put something in the subject line so that we know what we are opening and to whom to direct the email.  Please do not request general development information or methodologies as this is our  business and as much as we enjoy discussing our philosophy and yours, there is a time and place for that.

Finally, if you are a government agency or representative, please inform us so that we can avoid conflicts of interests.


Please note that if your computer has a virus or other malware any email sent to us will be automatically rejected by our service and we will not be able to respond. We strongly urge everyone to keep their anti-virus protection up to date.


Tel: +(0)44 207 549 3662



Discussions to be Held with the Palestinian Farmers Union

Preliminary discussions to be held in September with the Palestinian Farmers Union to find ways to increase incomes, attract investment and involve private sector support.

August 24, 2015

Vesselka to Develop Concept Note and Feasibility Study for an Eco-Park in Azdavay, Turkey

Azdavay municipality has requested a concept note to develop a community eco-park at the edge of the town.  The area is ideally located for a regional eco learning and activity center that can also accommodate a limited number of overnight stays.  Once the concept is agreed upon, Vesselka will complete a feasibility study and implementation plan in partnership with the Küre Mountains Ecotourism Society.

July 30, 2015

The Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program annual members' meeting held June 11 – 14 in Hola Prystan, Kherson Oblast, Ukraine


The Mayor of Azdavay, Turkey, venue of last year’s meeting, joined the Mayor of Hola Prystan in welcoming members to the forum. Danone - Ukraine sponsored the event and also presented its Family Farm program which supports small dairy farms in Ukraine to build sustainable and more productive operations.  The event premiered the new Program web-portal that will form the core of the for-profit component of the integrated community led, sustainable tourism effort as well as presentation of the sustainability criteria to be used by communities, developed by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.  

June 15, 2015


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